Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Man grabs a log* II

That's right. It's that time again. Back by popular demand...

It's (cue the Monty Python theme music...)
Emawkc's Second Annual Blog Anagram Game!!!

If you missed last year's anagram game, here's how it works: Below is a list of 10 blog titles in anagram form (anigramified, if you will). Your assignment, should you choose not to puss out, is to decode the anagrams and leave a comment with the answer.

Each time someone correctly decodes a title, you get a point. I'll link to the respective blog once its anagrammed title has been decoded. The commenter with the most points will win bragging rights, link love and lots of fabulous prizes**.

Oh, and to make things a little easier, all of the animgramified blogs below are listed in the blogroll to the left. And to make things even a little more easier, none of the blogs used last year are used this year.

It's fun, see?

Okay, here are this year's anagrams. Good luck.
  1. We bred my spy
  2. Oh Mr. Mint, freestanding lush
  3. We'll helm hell lice
  4. Why so ass?
  5. Less elk limbs
  6. Whip guru, buy absinthe
  7. Mr. Bear fob
  8. Turd heels
  9. How Lewd, Newton
  10. Do a yolk pitch
*Yes, the title of this post is actually and anagram for "blog anagrams" -- cute eh?
**As usual, no actual prizes will be given. You should know me better than that.
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  1. The D Rules = Turd Heels (and I am highly offended!!)

    Frightenly Uncommon Sence = Oh Mr. Mint, Freestanding lush

    SassyWho = Why so Ass?

    That's all for now.

  2. Nice job, The D!

    Two points for The D Rules! and SassyWho .

    The other one was wrong, but I'm awarding you 2 bonus points for being the first to answer.

  3. It is wrong becasue I can't spell or is it just wrong?

    Cause if its wrong b/c of spelling I would like to resubmit. Frighteningly Uncommon Sense = Oh Mr. Mint, freestanding lush

  4. It's wrong because its just wrong.

    Check it:
    Frighteningly Uncommon Sense
    Oh Mr. Mint, freestanding lush

    Keep on trying though. I like the way you think.

  5. 7. Mr. Bear Fob = Farmer Bob

  6. 3. We'll helm hell lice = Well Hell Michelle

  7. 10. Do a yolk pitch = Daily Photo K.C.

  8. Whoa! JustCara's on a roll!

  9. My spyderweb = 1.We bred my spy
    Take that Cara!

    Its on like donkey Kong!

  10. This is so much more fun than working!

    Whip guru, buy absinthe = Hip Suburban White Guy

  11. How Lewd, Newton = The new lowdown

    Okay, okay, I'll give someone else a chance! .. and I guess I'll get back to work..

  12. I can see why The D thought that #2 was mine. First of all, it IS listed as #2 (and those of you that know me really get that point), and secondly, I have one of the longest blog titles in KC blog history. That anagram is also very long. So one would assume that's the case.

    However, there is no letter "y" in "Oh Mr. Mint, freestanding lush". "Frighteningly" kind of ends with the letter "y". So that's the key.

    I take offense to not being anagramed, sir. You will pay...:P (I have no guesses. I SUCK at anagrams.)

  13. Musings From The Hinterland = Oh Mr. Mint, freestanding lush

  14. Smells like BS = Less elk limbs

  15. Thank you for a much needed break from my hell of a work day.

  16. Wow, nice work everyone! The 10 anagrams were completed in record time. In my book, you're all winners!

  17. Thanks EMAW for including my blog in the list.

  18. Waldo - no fair beating me to my own blog!!!


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