Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The beginning of a new error

I have to applaud Midtown Miscreant for his healthy skepticism about the Obama Administration.

In his post the other day (which I am just now getting caught up on), he points out that many of the most rabid supporters of B.O. will be disappointed by the new administration.
It is the supporters of Obama who will be his downfall should he fail to live up to their expectations. I hate to burst bubbles here, but the high level of expectations placed on Obama will guarantee he will only play 4 and out, just like Carter.
Unfortunately I'm going to have to disagree with Midtown for the second time in as many posts. But, unlike some people, I'll explain why he's wrong rather than just call him names.

While the analysis is solid as far as it goes, MM has miscalculated the nature of Obama's supporters, and of supporters of either of the two fake political parties.

You see, politics is not about policies. Politics is a spectator sport. The new opiate of the masses.

Slightly more than half of the voting public are fans of Team Obama. And like the sorry saps who think every fall that the Chiefs have a chance at the playoffs, fans of Obama aren't going to change their allegiance no matter how badly he performs.

We're at a time in American politics where there is very little difference between the two main political parties. It's like being a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs or being a fan of the Detroit Lions. You choose the side you like and you stick with them. It doesn't matter to the fans that both teams are playing the same game with very similar tactics and trying to score the same goals.

In fact, the fans like it that way. It makes it easier for them to follow the sport. They don't really have to think about anything since they can just look at a red and blue chart accompanied by an electoral vote scoreboard.

And as with sports, you can look at the recent past to determine future trends.

Make no mistake. Obama supporters are no different from those who blindly supported his predecessor through two administrations. Bush's mistakes didn't cost him a second term, and Obama's mistakes won't cost him a second term.

In the past 32 years, there have only been two presidents who have served single terms. Being an incumbent president of a country where voters don't care about policy is a huge advantage.

All you have to do is keep making trite sentimental meaningless statements that appeal to the emotions of your audience. You only have to win their hearts, not their minds. Years of watching Deal or No Dancing with America's Top Survivor Idol have pretty much ensured that most voters don't have much of a mind anyway.

So, will B.O. make mistakes? Absolutely. Hell he already has and he hasn't even been in office for 24 hours yet.

But it won't matter. The B.O. apologists have already started lowering their expectations. An eight-year administration is a virtual lock.

It's politics as usual, unfortunately.


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  1. First of all name the mistakes that you say he's committed. I'm curious what you would consider a mistake he's made in his first 25.5 hours on the job.

    Second, I think most people have a realistic expectation on what he will be able to do. I was a 'rabid' supporter but I know that the work is going to be hard.

    I think you miss the point entirely. He doesn't have to be Jesus. He only has to be better than Bush. The bar is set low and from what he's already done, he's bringing the country back to a place that people can be proud of again.

  2. Hoopstar,
    Just off the top of my head I would say his mistakes so far include nominating a tax dodger as Treasurey secretary, using Bush's rhetoric in his inauguration speech, freezing the salaries of middle class White House staffers a day after spending a record $160 million on his own inauguration party... I'm sure there will be more serious mistakes to come shortly (though you might not hear about it on the news).

    But I think you make my point entirely. Go read some of the blog posts and commentary from Nov.5, 6, 7, and 8 and you'll see the people were treating Obama as a messiah. Now, of course, the expectations are being drastically lowered.

    You yourself say he only has to be better than Bush. That would be in insult to most presidents.

  3. Well, I'm from Detroit and I certainly hope neither the "Lions" or "Chiefs" get so desperate to win "the game" that they're willing to take a chance on a dog killing leader like Michael Vick. That would be worse than losing.

  4. that's why i come here for wisdom

  5. I think The Wall Street Journal said it best...


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