Thursday, January 29, 2009

Top Ten Thursday: Name Game

With the impending arrival of a new tax deduction bundle of joy in a few months, we've turned our attention to the question of possible names.

Typically this is one of those areas I get vetoed on, since my taste in names comes across to some people as a bit non-traditional. Still, I'm hoping that I can at least have one of my picks for the middle name.

With that in mind, today's Top Ten Thursday category is my short list for middle names.
Top Ten Favorite Middle Names

10) Amadeus -- If it's good enough for Mozart, it's good enough for me.
9) Cochise -- We are native American after all.
8) Ninja -- Unfortunately, this one is already taken by one of the cutest kids in the city.
7) Stringfellow -- A real high-flying name.
6) 7 -- Thank you George Costanza.
5) Tiberius -- An oldie but a goodie (and a Trekie).
4) Mojo -- We already have the black cat bone.
3) Starbuck -- A great literary character, a great TV character and a great cup of burnt coffee.
2) Gatsby -- I just think this is a really Great name
1) Thundar -- Demon Dogs!! This is an awesome name!
Let me know what you think in the comments. And let me know if you have a better middle name option.
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  1. Well, my middle name is Margaleen. So all of those look good to me in comparison. One thing about a middle name, you never have to use it. You can simply use the initial.

    I did that a lot, growing up.

  2. Mine is "Samuilovich" - highly recommended

  3. For generations in my family we have used last names of family members.

    My middle name is my mother's maiden name.

    My older brother middle name is my fathers mother (my grand-mothers) maiden name.

    My Sisters is my mothers mothers (my grand-mother) last name.

    Younger brothers is my Great grand fathers last name.

    They all make very interesting conversation pieces.

  4. The D,
    Your mother's maiden name is "Awesome"?

  5. Tiberius?

    I don't believe you remember your history; things didn't turn out so well for that worthy.

    No sense jinxing the little tyke right out of the womb...

  6. Doc, with all due respect I think it is you who is confused. As I recall, Capt. James TIBERIUS Kirk had a long, distinguished career in Starfleet before retiring to Boston to begin a second career as a top tier lawyer.

  7. I'd go with Gatsby. That's freaking HAWESOME.

  8. No way! My husband wants our first born son's name to be Wolfgang Amadeus __insert our last name___. What's with that? We've tentatively compromised with the middle name of Sebastian (after Bach).

  9. I think you should call it "[first name] son/daughter of a jackass [last name]". Unless, of course, I am the jackass that missed the post about the SMW being pregnant. In which case, I will instead suggest "The Hulk".

  10. crap, emaw; I'm sorry!

    i forgot you're one of those people...

  11. No middle name, just an initial "X".. it will amaze some folks and scare the hell out of the rest.


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