Thursday, January 22, 2009

Metro GOOB Watch: Limited

Intrepid reader Kansas Sity Sinic correctly pointed out that Harold's isn't the only lower-upper-middle class clothier calling it quits in Leawood.

The Limited store is also closing it's Town Center Plaza location

Women's clothing stores seem to be taking a particular beating around the metro area, as NBC Action News recently reported that The Limited Too was closing in The Big Ass Mall of Olathe and on The Country Club Plaza (evidently, the closing of women's clothing stores constitutes "action news" in this town).

So all you ladies (and Chris Packham) have a great opportunity to expand your wardrobes.

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Metro GOOB Watch: Harold's

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  1. Intrepid eh?

    Not just a shitty American made car..I like it.

    As long as I still get a paycheck, Banana Republic isn't going anywhere!

    BTW, the CAPTCHA (sp) on this comment is cupbals.

    Hehe, I think I WILL cupbals tonight, emaw.

  2. Fucker. I only wear train engineer overalls and work gloves. You know: MAN CLOTHES.

  3. I don't know about other local women, but for me thrift stores have lately become my go-to option any time I need something to wear. It worked for me when I was in my twenties. Why not now?

  4. Just because one Limited store is closing doesn't mean they'll have some crazy sale on their stock. They'll ship it to their remaining stores.

    If the Limited was going out of business, THEN there might be some sales. But, seeing as tht corporation owns Vic's Secret, Express, and Bath & Body Works, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    What was the GOOB that I noticed this past week? Shit! I know I saw one! I'm going to have to think on that a bit...

  5. They actually did have a crazy sale--it was all fug, but it was 70% off.

  6. Limited, Too as a store has closed all of its stores and either changed them into the lower-priced, but still god-awfully expensive store for hoochie mama, sequin bedazzled kids clothes, Justice.

    Just in case you were wondering . . .


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