Thursday, January 15, 2009

Top Ten Thursday: Water bodies

When the high temperature for the day tops out at 15 degrees Fahrenheit, and the wind pierces your clothes like an frozen ice pick, it's only natural for a life-long Kansan like myself to take a mental trip to a tropical port.

As the great American philosopher Christopher Cross once said, "Sailing takes me away."

But away to where? That's the subject of today's Top Ten Thursday List:
Top Ten Favorite Bodies of Water

10) Adriatic Sea:
I should say that it was a really close call for the number 10 spot between the Indian Ocean and the Adriatic Sea. But c'mon, everybody likes the Indian Ocean. The Adriatic got the nod based on it's intimacy and it's ability to flood Venice every year.

9) Martian Ice Fields:
I never said it had to be solid water, and I never said it had to be on Earth. The recent discovery of frozen water on Mars comes in at number 9 for the coolness factor alone.

8) Lake Mead:
It's not the biggest man-made lake, but it's still impressive. Still, a part of me wonders about the arrogant folly of trying to harness the Colorado River in an attempt to make a desert into a garden.

7) Mississippi River:
I've associated romance and adventure to the Mississippi River since first picking up a Mark Twain novel in junior high. It's seemingly slow moving water is also a good metaphor. Life happens, but Ol' Man River just keeps on rollin' along.

6) Spring Creek:
Lots of nostalgia factoring into this selection as well. This is the creek that ran through my backyard. A great place for fishing, swimming, ice skating in the winter, camping... pretty much anything a 10-year-old boy could want to do.

5) San Francisco Bay:
I admit this pick might have more to do with my fondness for the Bay Area than the actual water itself. Still, if you've been to San Francisco in the late spring (or really, anytime), you know that the water has a way of invading the city in to form of very romantic and mysterious fog.

4) Atlantic Ocean (Mid-Atlantic Coast):
I've had some really great vacations on America's east coast. But forget New York and points north, stick with the mid-Atlantic. The ocean has a temper here, a personality all its own. I just admire the attitude of a body of water that would just as soon throw a hurricane at you as look at you. The Atlantic is also my all-time favorite body of water named after a magazine.

3) Pacific Ocean (Southern California Coast):
Nothing beats the SoCal coast for chillin' out, relaxin', maxin' all cool and all (yeah, I just dropped some Fresh Prince all up in your hizzi). The Pacific Ocean here has a reputation for imbuing the inhabitants of the coast with a peaceful, tranquil nature (though it's best not to mention this to Uzi-toting gang bangers in South Central LA).

2) Ligurian Sea:
This quiet little corner of the Mediterranean may not have the bluster of the Atlantic or the cachet of the Pacific, but I'll always remember it's quaint medieval fishing villages and rocky coast with fondness. Mark my words, I shall return there someday.

1) Caribbean Sea:

In my fantasy of selling everything I own and living the rest of my live on a boat, I imagine living in the Caribbean like some kind of reject from a Jimmy Buffett song. Fishing, drinking my Green Label, strumming my six string. Ah, this is the life (as long as I can still have my broadband Internet and high-def television. And could you please do something about the pirates and Krakenses).

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