Sunday, January 15, 2006

Icing on the cake

We celebrated an historical event yesterday.

For the first time in 31 games, my alma mater Kansas State Wildcats defeated in-state rivals KU Jayhawk on the basketball court. Final score, 59-54.

But it came after a long 31 games. That was the losing streak. The longest intraconference losing streak in college basketball.

Such an event demanded celebration, so in honor of the victory (which neither of us had anything to do with personally), my supermodel wife and I went out for diner with some inlaws at the excellent Genghis Khan Mongolian Barbeque.

Genghis Khan is situated right across the street from KU Med Center in KCK. It's a pretty popular restaurant district so parking was pretty tough to come by. I mention this because it's a central fact to what happened after our dinner.

We take our time dining. I wear my K-State pullover and get a few comments from some KU boosters, all very gracious in defeat.

But when we're done with dinner, I'm taking our tired three-year old out to the car while my supermodel wife pays the tab (hey, I'm a modern guy). So on the way to the car, I have the great pleasure of seeing one of KCK's finest standing guard near a red BMW that is illegally parked (since there was no where else to park, see I told you that was important. What? You didn't believe me?).

As I walk past the police officer, three-year-old in hand, he nods toward the BMW as he barks "This ain't your car, is it?"

I take another quick look at the BMW to make sure I'm not confusing it for our silver Honda CRV and that's when I notice the KU vanity license plate.

Glancing a the K-State logos on my pullover I reply simply, "Nope," with a big smile on my head.

K-State beats the Jayhawks and a KU alumn gets his beamer towed.

Icing on the cake.
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  1. I'm not a K-State fan, but I'm always happy to hear of a KU Beamer getting towed.

    I had dinner at Genghis Khan on Wednesday night - it was my daughter's choice for her last night in town, before heading down to Tulane. Good food.


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