Friday, January 20, 2006

Midnight myths in Manhattan

I returned from my business trip to the Big Apple yesterday and wanted to share my impression.

Stayed in The Millennium Hotel on Broadway, about half a block from Times Square. Nice hotel. Not great, but not grungy either. About what you'd expect for a 3-star hotel in Manhattan.

Now some caveats: First, it was raining the first night we were there and most of the next day. Second, I was in business meetings most of the time and didn't have a lot of time to site-see.

Having said that, I'm eager to return on a more informal basis to see what New York really has to offer.

Times Square? Not all that. Unfortunately, (and I don't know what I was expecting) the "busiest intersection in the world" is busy because of all the tourists. The tourists have attracted and are attracted by all the touristy businesses. I mean, do I really want to go to New York to eat at The Olive Garden?

The city that never sleeps? Another busted myth. My colleagues and I dined at a dim sum/sushi place the first night and then headed back to the hotel for a few after-dinner drinkies. After the hotel bar shut down, I went out in search of a nice blues or jazz club, since it was only about 1:30 or 2 a.m.

Granted, as I said earlier, it was raining slightly by this time. But as I walked around Times Square and the few blocks around my hotel, all I could find still open was a couple of Irish Pubs. I still had a few drinks, but unfortunately, no live music.

However, I did see one thing that I expected. As I made my way home, stopping beneath the pale glow of a streetlamp to turn my collar to the cold and damp (thank you Simon and Garfunkle), a silver sedan rolled by with the window down with a pair of "working girls" inside.

They offered to show me a good time for a price, which made me feel good. But since I had business meetings in a few hours, and since I was low on cash, and since I'm married and don't really roll that way anymore, I declined.

But it's good to see that I can still get a come on from the whores on 7th Avenue.

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  1. Congrats, dude. If whores are your thing, I'm glad you saw some. And I'm glad you don't roll that way "anymore".

    I'm headed up to NYC to visit my son in early March. It's a much better city than it was 15 years ago.

  2. Why is good to see whores will still hit on you? They will hit on anything for a buck, so why be flattered by that???? lol...

  3. Hey echele, good too hear from you. Hope the new job is going well.

    Yeah, whores will hit on anyone, but I gotta take my flattery where ever I can find it.

    But my point was that at least Times Square hasn't be come so sterilized by tourism that you can't get hit on at 2 a.m. by a couple of hookers.


  4. Oh. last day at my job is 2/16...however, I am going to the new place tomorrow for a half day! WooHoo! Wish me luck! and after that another hospital but in the same system. So either way, I will be happy.


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