Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Arrgh! I hate that!

So I'm refueling my car this morning on the way to work. I go into the QuikTrip to pay for the gas and buy a cup o' joe.

I pay by debit card, sign the slip and head back to the car with my coffee and a renewed sense of optimism for the day.

Waiting at the first stoplight, I lift the coffee cup to take a drink and catch the undeniable aroma of cheap men's cologne. I sniff the cup. It doesn't seem to be coming from the plastic or the lid.

Then I smell my left hand. Ughh! I'm not sure whether it's Old Spice or Stetson, but it's some kind of old man's cheap scent. It's horrible. I run through the previous 20 minutes in my mind.

Obviously I picked up the scent like a bad germ from something that some cologne bather had touched. It couldn't have been the pen I signed with. I'm right handed and the odor is on my left. It wasn't the handle on the gas pump, since that would smell like gasoline (which would have been better).

I conclude that it must have been on either the door of the convenience store, or the coffee dispenser.

Regardless, I have to put up with the ridiculously obnoxious smell for the next 30 minutes until I can get to a washroom at work.

I hate it when that happens.

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  1. There's a typo in your post--

    It's "Cup O' Joel."

  2. As a recent ex-smoker, I have a suggestion.

    Work on starting smoking and getting up to a two pack a day habit.

    You won't be able to smell shit.


  3. yeah, that's hoh germs spread. I wouldn't have cared about the scent, I would have been too freaked about the germs. I am such a freak. Normally, I wouldn't think about it, bit that would have been just too in my face...a scent with a face....enough to drive me....was it a clean person... a dirty person, not that it matters....b/c germs don't discriminate but it would have made me feel better til I got to a sink....

  4. Oh, I just have too many typo's.....**how germs spread.....*but that would have...*without a face.....*enough to drive me crazy.....Yay!!! I made it through! (claps!) Happy Friday! I actually got up and went to work today and didn't have to be there....so I have my head up my ass today, excuse the typo's.....


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