Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Enter the smoking chimp

Hoards people have noticed some major changes to the 3AM blog.

And what I mean by "many people" is one or two. And when I say "major changes" I really mean a single very minor change.

But it was enough to prompt XO to ask about it, so I figure here's a quick explanation:

Hey XO, thanks for noticing my monkey.

The previous profile image was a self portrait of me as a South Park character. Although, since my eye surgery, it was a bit out of date.

So I decided to shake things up a little (you know how I like to shake things up) and use a new profile image, one that closely resembles my personality. Enter the smoking chimp.

I've been considering adding another pseudonym for the chimp. My first choice was Jack Maimunkie, but that name is taken. Let me know if you have any better ideas.

While your thinking about it, go ahead and check out Jonathan Coulton's My Monkey.

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  1. How about "The Right Honorable Spankin The Monkey, Esquire."

    You can always abbreviate it as "Rt. Hon. S. T. Monkey, Esq."

    You could even add a Member of Parliment (M.P.) or Chicken Choker Extraordinaire (C.C.E.) after it for some added prestige.

  2. I also think you should start closing each post with a catch phrase, like Greg over at Death's Door.

    You might consider "Want to peel my banana?"

    Just a thought.


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