Monday, August 18, 2008

3AM Salutes Phill Kline

3 A.M. Salutes Real Men of Genius
(Real Men of Genius)

Today we salute you...
Mr. Abortion-fixated soon-to-be-former County Attorney guy.
(Mr. Abortion-fixated soon-to-be-former County Attorney guy!)

Though you've practiced law for only six short years, you've shown us all the importance of qualified candidates for state and county offices.
(The world needs bad examples too!)

You've never lost sight of the fact that, much like yourself, the law is a tool.
A tool not only to be used for justice, but for the heavy handed pursuit of personal agendas.
(What a gigantic tool!)

Though some have called you greedy, callous and exploitative, through it all you've kept your mind closed and your mouth open. You've let all men know that Phill Kline's best asset is his lie ability.
(The extra "L" is for "Loser")

No matter how many laws you had to break, or lives you had to ruin, you've always made sure your $upporters got their money's worth.
(Has the photo op started yet?)

So file one last injunction, oh sniffer of young girls' panties. Because even though your career has had a late-term abortion at the state and county levels, there's still a seat at the local bar for you.
(Real Men of Genius!)

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