Thursday, June 18, 2009

In case you missed it... the bailouts are huge

Just in case my Tomato illustration went way over your head, Barry Ritholtz submits a nice easy-to-read infographic (you know, for the USAToday Generation) showing just how insanely much our government has spent in various bailouts.

The executive summary: Adjusted for inflation, we spent more in twelve months than we spent on the Vietnam War, The New Deal, the Louisiana Purchase, the Invasion of Iraq, the Marshall Plan, the Korean War, the S&L Crisis and the Race to the Moon -- COMBINED!!!

Click to embiggen the graphic, if you care.

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  1. That graphic put me off my lunch. I think I'll go be sick now, thank you.


  2. The bailouts were such a waste of money. They should have let the private sector work it out. That is how our political system is set up. Our national debt is way to huge to be throwing money around like this.

  3. Dave,

    What the heck, it's not our money. It's our kids' money. And our kids' kids'. And our kids' kids' kids'...


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