Wednesday, September 02, 2009

That's the ticket!

I'm a big believer in random acts of generosity.

That's why I took advantage of some interstitial time this morning to make a quick donation to the City of Overland Park.

I had just dropped my daughters off (one at school, the other at daycare) and was cruising to work down one of the many residential side streets near one of the many suburban school areas when it just occurred to me that, hey, I should make a random donation to The City.

Sure, I pay my taxes. But sometimes I think that's not enough. I mused, if only there were a way I could give a little more on top of that during these times when the mood strikes me.

That's when I realized that Overland Park has a method for me to do just that. For, as I drove down the street I noticed the familiar form of one of the Overland Park city police cruisers parked in the shade of a tree.

I was able to get his attention and get him to follow me a few hundred feet where he pulled up behind me. He put his flashing lights on and even made the effort to walk up to my car window to talk.

I explained the idea I had about wanting to donate a little more to the Overland Park general fund. I showed him my driver's license so that he knew I was indeed a resident of our fine burg. He inspected it briefly, then went back to his squad car for a moment.

When he returned, he notified me that he had a suggestion for my quandry. He provided me with a ticket, a sort of voucher, notifying me that I had the opportunity to donate $105 to the city sometime within the next 30 days. I had the option of visiting the municipal court to get a free tour and make my donation. But I could also choose to donate over the phone at my leisure.

And not only was I able to donate this small sum, but in return I was granted a one-time opportunity to exceed the posted speed limit by more than 10 miles per hour. It was lucky, since I had done just that mere moments before seeing the officer in his patrol car.

So it was a double win for me. Not only did I get a short thrill of driving 36 mph in a 26 mph speed zone, but I also received the personal satisfaction of making a small contribution to the financial security of Overland Park.

I just hope my random generosity will be an inspiration to you all in your daily commute.

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  1. that's a lot better than my interpretation of being raped by the Man

  2. The experience would have been made more rewarding if the officer had been willing to give you a free electical hair removal treatment... maybe next time!

  3. As you probaby know, I did that a couple of weeks ago myself! We're such good citizens...

  4. What I want to know is where in Hell (my pet name for the OP) is the Speed Limit 26 mph???

  5. Yesterday I received in the mail a personalized request for a donation to Kansas City, MO. The invitation was so thoughtful - not only did it have my name, but full-color photos of my car at one of their local traffic signals. $104 should go quite a long way to helping out my neighbor to the east. That's about 1/2 an hour of an attorney's time defending in vain a discrimination claim.


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