Monday, February 20, 2006

Air Nelson

From my inside source, Matt the Architect, here are the latest aerial photos of the Steven Holl-designed addition to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

UPDATE: I forgot to include a link to interior pictures I posted previously.

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  1. They look like trailers or some other temporary structure.

    But I thought that the shuttlecocks were temporary.

    How long can a joke last?

  2. Anon,

    You should drive by at night when the lighting is on. Also, try to remember we're still seeing these out of context. Wait until the landscaping, etc. is done.

  3. It won't matter whether it's landscaped or not!! It's still a several hundred million dollar travesty!

    I quite like the shuttlecocks - but the "trailers" as you so adequately call them ruin the view of them from the air.

  4. Matt, you certainly aren't alone in your opinion. I'm just saying that it's difficult to be objective about this kind of thing. Indeed, good art typically generates heated debate.

    Whether the design will be successful is a matter for future generations to decide. I do find it interesting that opinions like yours were shared by Parisians during the installation of Gustav Eiffle's famous tower.

  5. Landfills also generate a lot of controversy.

  6. The exterior walls are covered up for the duration of the building's construction. It's going to be a glass-walled structure that will glow softly at night. What you all are saying is comparable to judging how a storefront renovation will look based on the style of the boards they're using to cover the front windows.

    Try to get the full picture before you judge these things. I think they will look amazing, but I could be wrong. At least my opinion is grounded in an effort to understand the full plan (which was released and available to the public years ago).


  7. I'll be in KC with my Humanities class next Saturday specifically to visit the Nelson-Atkins. I agree with you that the new addition is a work-in-progress and, thus, is hard to judge just now. These are great pics

    Incidentally, I just found your blog today. I'm pleased to make its acquaintance.

  8. jon b.
    Thanks for the kind words, comments are always appreciated. Take some digital pics of your visit to the Nelson and post them. Let me know so i can link to them.



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