Thursday, August 17, 2006

Proud pop

I've always given my parents all of the credit for my love of reading and learning. If they hadn't taken time to read every day, both to themselves and to me and my siblings, I might not be the intellectual giant I am today.

That's why my Supermodel Wife and I have made it a priority over the past three and a half years to read to our daughter every day.

Yesterday we received the payoff.

The princess has been interested in letters for a couple of years. About a year and a half ago she had the alphabet song down cold. About a year ago she was able to pick out the individual letters visually.

About three months ago she learned that each letter makes and individual sound, and a month or so ago, she started learning how to "draw" each letter.

Then, yesterday during our nightly reading session, she started to sound out the words phonetically.

We were reading the literary classic Hop on Pop ("the simplest Seuss for the youngest use). It contains words like "pup" and "up". It was amazing to see the young one looking at the individual letter, speak the sound, then put each letter together.

I can't believe how excited and proud I was and am. I really think my daughter is the smartest child in the world (as all parents do).

I can really see after this experience why people become teachers. One of the most rewarding benefits of being a parent is to see this kind of development, to see your child's curiosity and desire for information and education.

I've already bought her a copy of War and Peace.

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  1. "I really think my daughter is the smartest child in the world"

    Emaw, while I respect the love and admiration you hold for your daughter, I'm afraid I have bad news.

    The title of "smartest child in the world" is currently held by my own daughter, young Galadriel Tanqueray Onassis.

    And she ain't givin' it up.

  2. XO,
    You're correct of course. I should have been more clear. What I meant to say was "smartest kid in the UNIVERSE!"

    That should put the matter to rest.

  3. Well, my daughter is the smartest child in the universe... PLUS INFINITY! Plus 1 after THAT!

    Why do I suspect that this is a competition neither of us will win?

    How about we both settle on the hope that both of our children will grow up to be smarter than us?

    I think that's a bet we can both win.

  4. "If you too boys don't stop arguing, no one is going to have a smart daughter!" I look forward to world changing arguments like this one when I have kids.


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