Friday, August 25, 2006

Wet Blanket Award

There's always that one killjoy who wants to ruin the party for everyone else.

You know, it's that guy in high school who would call you parents when you were sneaking a cigarette behind the stadium. Or the jerk who tells the casino that its slots are paying out way too much money.

Well this week Three O'Clock in the Morning bestows its lowest honor, the Wet Blanket Award, on a Vermont woman who is trying to harsh everyone's mellow.

Theresa Toney of Brattleboro, Vermont, has complained to the burg's elders about the rash of nude teens running around the town. For the past few months, as the summer has grown hotter, the teens have taken to shedding their cloths as a way to beat the heat.

And until now, nobody has really complained? I mean, who's going to object to a bunch of nubile chicks and dudes showing it all. Hey, it's a much needed distraction in this small town, so who would have a problem with it?

Theresa Toney, that's who. According to Reuters:
Nobody, including the police, seemed to take offense until one local, Theresa Toney, went before the town government in August to complain about a group of youngsters naked in a parking lot.

"The parking lot is not a strip club," she said.
The irony is that by the time any legislative action is taken, it will be too cold in Vermont to go around nekid without risking a serious case of shrinkage.

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  1. Just a guess on my part...

    I'm betting that Theresa Toney is a large, unattractive woman for whom being naked in public is not a viable option for escaping the heat.

    I know it's certainly not a viable option for ME! But on the other hand (because one of my hands is busy), I probably wouldn't spend the effort to complain about it.

  2. My brother always refers to people like this as "break-dicks."

  3. Why is it that people can't mind their own business anymore?


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