Monday, August 07, 2006

YouTube Tuesday: 12th and life

YouTube Tuesday is usually on the lighter side. Typically I post something I think is hysterical, or at least mildly amusing. Sometimes just entertaining, as in a music video.

Not today.

Sorry to be a downer, but the YouTube video I saw for today is just sad. I'm not sure that the original producers meant it to be depressing. By the tone and style of the production and smiles on the faces, one would think the subjects of this short-form documentary are happy and pleased with the life they lead.

Maybe they are. Probably they know no other life.

But it is sad to see a community that has completely given up on itself. Even the mature adults who should know better seem to glorify the "gangsta" culture of violence and drugs.

"We kill people for tellin'. We kill people for taking a stand. And their mommas and daddies had to go. That was the code."

"Where's my wife and family? What if I die here? Who'll be my role model now that my role model is gone."

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  1. hood rats....the whole video is on for "hood 2 hood".


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