Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Man grabs a log*

It's been both a slow and a fast couple of weeks. It's been slow, because I haven't been posting much (struggling to post at least once a day). It's been fast because I've been hellabusy in both the work and personal lives.

I hope to elaborate soon on the personal life crap. It's all good news, I just haven't had time to document it.

Until then, I've come up with this little ditty to keep my reader occupied.

It's (cue Monty Python theme song)...

Emawkc's blog anagram game!!!

So here's how it works: I've anagramized (yeah, I don't know if that's a word either) the names of 10 blogs. Your job is to decode them, working out which blog name corresponds to each anagram below. It's fun, see?

Put your answers in the comments section. The winners will receive fabulous prizes worth millions.**

One more thing, all of the correct answers are listed in the blogrolls to the right. That should help out a lot.
Okay. Ready? Here we go...
  1. Bang a hippy (<- updated to be more clever)
  2. Bugling duo loot
  3. Tom's a cretin
  4. A sty contains sky
  5. Cop Joule
  6. Bend a limo rig
  7. Out no evil
  8. Goldmine
  9. Creed for hurt jots
  10. A short fang's hot musk
Over the next few days, I'll link the anagrams to their respective blogs so you can see the answers. Keep checking back.

*Bonus points if you decode the anagram title of this post
**No actual prizes will be given. What, do you think I'm made of money?

Nobody got all of the anagrams, but a lot of people figured out some of them. So you're all winners. I've updated the links to reflect the missing solutions for #9 and the bonus #11, so click the links to find out where they go. As for the title, "Man grabs a log" is an anagram for "Blog Anagrams".

Thanks to everyone who played.

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  1. Gone Mild IS a Goldmine. Signed, A Hippy Bang

  2. Hey! We have our first winner! Congratulations and thanks for playing!

  3. 1. Happy in bag
    5 or is it 6 cup of joe

  4. Haven't been 'posing' much? Are you a model? lol :-)

  5. Gar! I hate typpos! Fixed it.

  6. #6 is, um, Blog Meridian.

  7. Good job. I've added links to each one that has been decoded. Only six more to go.

  8. Kind of surprised no one got #7.

  9. I'll claim 10 for "Thoughts from Kansas," and help j.d. out with #7 = "evolution."

    "Bugling duo loot" would be "blogging out loud"

    I'll give the last word of the title and leave the first 2 for someone else: "blog."

  10. Nice work everybody, the links have been updated. Only a few left, but they're tough ones.

    And, while I appreciate the link love from Tony (no homo), our official judges have determined that his entry is invalid since it wasn't posted in this comment section. So there's some low-hanging fruit (no homo) for someone to pick off.

  11. Well, I'd say that "Cop Juele" is me ... except I've only got one "e" in my blog title....

    Makes me sound french, though, if it is me. Oui!

  12. And two O's. I'll have to have a serious discussion with my copy editing staff.

  13. 3. Contratimes
    4. Tony's Kansas City

  14. Nce job echele! I've updated the links. That leaves only one left, for the record.


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