Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Newest reality show: "American Schizo"

One of my favorite daily read blogs is Wandering Amylessly. Amy is a beautiful person who is brave enough to let it all hang out (metaphorically speaking, you perverts).

In a recent post, she frankly discusses her recent experience with a depression therapy group where, one by one, the participants quit coming to the sessions over the course of a few weeks.

To her credit, Amy was one of the few to stick with it. It's a great story, and Amy's openness shows that she's more to grips with her emotional baggage than many of the rest of us.

And call me crazy, but I think we've stumbled upon the next great "reality TV" show here.

Stay with me on this: 15 people join a group therapy class and each week we see who comes back and who drops out. In the meantime, we get to hear all about their phobias, neuroses, psychoses and psoriasis.

In the end, there is a winner and we all learn a little bit about ourselves.

Okay, find me a network producer and consider this idea copyrighted. Amy, I'll split the royalties with you.

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