Tuesday, August 29, 2006

YouTube Tuesday: Magic Moments

I love this time of year.

The days start getting shorter. The summer heat finally breaks. In a few weeks the leaves will begin to turn and the inexorable march of time will beat on.

And football kicks off.

Ah yes, football. In particular, college football. One of the finest metaphors for the human experience. Always striving for a goal, ever having to overcome your own weakness and the strengths of your foes.

I'm really looking forward to this season as my alma mater begins a new era with new head coach Ron Prince. It's been a rough couple of years for the boys in purple, missing out on the last two bowl seasons after winning the Big XII Conference Championship over the OU Cheaters Sooners.

And with only two quarterbacks, a new coach and new offensive and defensive systems, it's looking like it might be another tough year. But right now everyone's undefeated and as they say, hope springs eternal.

And the purples still have a nice record against those jaybirds from Lawrence to hang our helmets on (at least in the modern era).

Which brings us to this week's YouTube Tuesday submission. A terrific music video of some great moments from the recent KSU vs. KU football series. This video offers some great editing for an amateur, and I love the juxtaposition of the music and the video imagery.


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  1. In spite of my allegiance to KU, I was laughing along with this until that horrible moment at 3:05. That's shooting dirty pool. Even so, "Our coach is phat."


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