Thursday, June 07, 2007

The More You Know: Lebanon, Kansas

Here's a fun Kansas fact: The geographic center of the "lower 48" United States is just a couple miles outside of Lebanon, KS.

We visited the village of Lebanon during our road trip last weekend to pick up our yearly supply of beef. For the last few years, (I discussed this in a previous post) we have been buying our own, custom-grown beef.

I just feel better about avoiding the corporate feedlot industry. You know, cutting down on the risk of residual growth hormones and estrogen, antibiotics, mad cow disease and the like. Check out this article and you'll see what I mean.

Plus, at about two bucks a pound, it makes economic sense. And I don't think any illegal aliens will lose their jobs because of little old me.

Anyway we picked up our beef in Lebanon, which I discovered from the picture on the grain elevator is also known for growing wheat and corn dogs.
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  1. I always dreamed of running a corn dog farm. I mean...seriously...could it get any better? I wonder how they genetically alter the seeds to get the honey battered corn dogs. A miracle of modern science I guess...

  2. You said it, NCTRNL. There's nothing like the taste of a corn dog picked fresh from the stock that day.

  3. Have you read "Omnivore's Dilemma?" It's changed my eating habits rather dramatically.

    Of course, I'm still fat.

  4. Joel,

    I saw that book in you reading list a couple of weeks ago. I believe it's based on the article by Michael Pollan that I linked to above.

    And yes, that's pretty much what turned me off of mass-produced beef. Luckily, we are able to get the custom grown "small batch" beef that is, in my opinion, cleaner and more healthy. We control what the animal eats, where it eats and how it's butchered.

    And it's more economical to boot (as long as you have a deep freeze and some friends who are willing to split the cost of 400 pounds of meat).

    Yes, only home-grown beef and corndogs for me.

  5. One of the guys here at work had a cow killed that he was helping to raise. He gave me a couple pounds of ground beef and a few steaks. The ground beef was the best I've ever eaten, the spagetti was wonderful and there wasn't hardly an ounce of fat in the pan.
    The steaks were to die for. More pure flavor than anything else I've had. I'd like to have half a cow cut up and frozen, sure would beat Safeway all to hell.


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