Tuesday, July 17, 2007

If I were a Simpson

Okay, here's the big reveal. No more anonymity. This is what I look like (in the world of The Simpsons).

Jeeze, I didn't realize I was so creepy looking. And why didn't someone tell me my butt was so big. Time to hop on the exercise bike I guess. But first, just one more pink sprinkled donut.

Mmmmm, doonuutz.

Go create the Simpsons You on the Simpsons movie site and let me know what you look like.

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  1. Ok, I totally saw you in the cafeteria today! At least, I think I did...you were wearing a different shirt, and all, but the hair was pretty much the same. And who could mistake a nose like that?

  2. You will have to visit my site to see mine since yo do not allow image posting I think. Or under blogger I have no clue. :)

  3. Faith, it couldn't have been him because cartoon characters never change their clothes!

  4. You bet. Saw it and looked fun. I still think it's hard to make something that looks like yourself.


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