Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cleaning house

Well that was fun.

I just spent a few hours doing some house cleaning around here. Like most good ideas, it came at the suggestion of my Supermodel Wife who, after reading this digital fish wrap for a few minutes, said "Dude, you really need to figure out how to use the spellcheck function."

Now, I've never claimed to be a great speller. The fact that I'm also a poor typist and tend to bang out posts rather hastily exacerbates the problem. But in the back of my mind I've always sort of subscribed to Andrew Jackson's philosophy on spelling:
"It's a damn poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word!"
Good point Andy. But, when the wife says correct your spelling, you damn well better correct your spelling.

So over the last few days, I've gone back over all of my posts and ran a quick spell check. That's about 565 posts on this blog (plus a few drafts that haven't been published for various reasons). Through this exercise, I came to realize a few things:
  1. I totally missed this blog's blogiversary earlier this month. July 14 marked the end of the second year of my posting. I can forgive you for not noticing, what with all of the Bastille Day celebrations going on.
  2. There were an average of about 1.5 spelling errors per post. Some had more, some less. There were even a few posts that didn't have any (woohoo!).
  3. Given point 2 above and the current page load number from StatCounter, I guess I owe about 50,000 apologies to everyone who was subjected to my spelling ability (or should I say disability). So please consider this my official mea culpa
But as I say, I've gone through all my previous posts and swept them clean of spelling errors. I make no promises about capitalization and grammar (who really follows the "rules" of those anyway). But I'm confident that there are no more misspellings on this blog.

In fact, I challenge anyone to find a single misspelled word on any previous post. Anyone who does find an example will be rewarded with recognition and a link as well as cash and prizes*.

In closing, thanks to everyone who drops by here on occasion. I hope I haven't offended you to(o) badly, and I promise to try to do better in the future.

*Cash and prizes not included.

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  1. "I hope I haven't offended you to badly, and I promise to try to do better in the future."

    Pretty sure that should have read "...haven't offended you TOO badly,..."

    You can't rely on spellcheck for everything.

    Now where's my damn prize?

  2. Belated Blogiversary wishes,you're doing wonderful job here,please continue the same. As far spelling ability(disability) concern I won't complain you, since I too have the same problem.(Hope I didn't make any spelling mistake in this comment.)
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  3. Ok, is anybody else wondering why the hell "sakthi" ended their somewhat benign and seemingly congratulatory note with a link like a spammer would do? Are spammers getting that detailed and specific these days? Crimminy!

    For the record, sakthi, you shouldn't advertise in blogs unless you're asked. And you forgot the word "to" in between "won't" and "complain." Unless you were gonna say "about" and not "to," in which case, you can see why re-reading your comment before posting might make you look less like a jackass. Also, it's "mistakes" with an "s." You're clearly from another country, so I'm willing to let the grammar stuff go.

    But not the random linkage. That's just douchey.

  4. Ah, XO. I'm glad you're the first one to discover the little easter egg I included. See the small print for details on how to collect your prize.

    And sakthi, thanks for reading the post before spamming.

  5. My favorite non-grammatical usage is the double modal. Fun and evocative! "We might-could go see the hogs down to the 4-H pavillion." Better than "might" or "could" all by themselves. You know what the double modal brings to the table? An extra modal adverb. But also: nuance.

    Second fave is unnecessary apostrophe's.

  6. Another belated congratulations on your blogiversary. Many happy returns of the day.


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