Friday, July 20, 2007

You want a border war? YOU GOT IT!!!!

I'm liking the tough words coming from some Kansas legislators regarding the backstabbing Missourians who aren't satisfied with the amount of money Kansans voluntarily bring into their state.

According to The Star, those sneaky bastards in the Missouri statehouse are trying to pick the pockets of innocent, well-meaning, upstanding Kansans who are forced by outrageous fortune to set foot across the state line for their jobs.
Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt signed a bill this month providing an income tax break for Missourians who receive Social Security. It contained a little-discussed provision eliminating a deduction for real estate taxes paid outside Missouri.

That’s a $190 ding for the typical Johnson County resident who works in Missouri.

"It's downright unneighborly," said Kansas Senate Majority Leader Derek Schmidt, an Independence Republican. "A little cross-border dialogue would be in order."
That's gratitude for you. We already have to pay that retardiculous 1-percent earnings tax in Kansas City, Mo., but the Show-Me State scumbags weren't satisfied with us Kansans saving their precious Union Station with the bi-tax revenue we provide.

It's not enough that we provide the lion-share of revenue to their mediocre (at best) sports teams. Now they have to try to pick our pockets by eliminating a property tax deduction?

Well, no more Mr. Nice Kansan. I say power to the good and right honorable men and women in the Kansas Legislator who are considering a like response to this effrontery.
One option is to enact a provision similar to Missouri’s, which would increase the tax on Missouri residents working in Kansas, said Joan Wagnon, Kansas secretary of revenue.

Based on commuting patterns, Johnson County’s Economic Research Institute estimates that more than 71,000 residents from eight nearby Missouri counties work in Johnson County. And at least 53,000 Johnson Countians work in those Missouri counties.

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  1. Uh, Oh.

    Looks like I better be checking the mail for my militia call-up.


    Official Missouri Militia Battle Cry:

    Remember Order Number 11!


  2. Well, um, I've taken up the gauntlet, as it were.


    P.S. I'll write my state rep and senator.

  3. You should know, R. Sherman, that we do not take this insult lightly.

    Given the slow pace of legislative change, I can give you until November to rectify this situation.

    If the proper corrective actions aren't taken, then I can assure you that the events that happen in Manhattan on Nov. 17 will make Order Number 11 look like a British tea time slap fight.

  4. Now see. I try to be decent and it turns into basketball smack.


    November 17 in Manhattan. Sure. Mike Anderson is leading the charge.


  5. Love the Matt Blunt photo!

  6. I know Mike Anderson, and you sir, are no Mike Anderson.

  7. Johnson Count should start a 2 day embargo on KCMO. No shopping, working or money spent of any kind east of state line. That should put a small ding in the $190/per worker.


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