Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Blogger meetup redux

Last night was the best blogger meetup we've had so far (at least for me).

Lot's of local bloggers showed up. And with my Supermodel Wife out of town for the week and my daughter staying the week with the grandparents, I was able to hang out with the cool kids until the end of the night.

For everyone who left early, you missed a great time. Thanks to XO's NASA Grab Bag, we found some interesting alternative uses for NASA mission patches. I met Janet Sader and had a great talk about kids and family and vacations. And I was honored to buy the FileGirl her very first Scotch whisky ever. She said she liked it. At least its better than those nasty martinis.

I can't even remember all of the topics of conversation, but I know the highlight was the smooching session between Erin and KC Sponge. If you left too early and missed it, here are some pics (I know they're blurry but you get the gist).

I finally got to have a really good conversation with Eolai from Irish KC, but Cara from ...JustCara left before I made it over to her table. I'll catch you next time.

Rumor is floating around that we'll all meet at Harry's downtown again next month. See you all then.

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  1. Smootching session?! I'm always too drunk to remember the good ones.

    Started working on my outfit for next meetup - sans exposed breast, I promise.

  2. Ha! Glad to see the Teachers in Space patch is coming in handy.

  3. Crap. I knew I left too early.

  4. My mucus and I enjoyed a quite evening alone. Although things got a little wet and sticky towards the end.

  5. That picture (top one) is almost as disgusting as the black tongue.

    Oh wait, NOTHING is that disgusting!

  6. Last night was fun. You're cool even though you live you-know-where. ;) Loved the scotch!

  7. I hope I can attend one of these someday - sounds like a blast!

    Hope you have a wonderful evening!

  8. Missed meeting you Tues nite - I was ensconced with my beers, playing with Toast's toy space shuttle and entertaining the table with my very bad space shuttle take-off sound effects. Next time for sure I will try not to play with the toys on the table and actually talk with people instead.

  9. Karen,

    I'll definitely make it a point to "chat you up" next time. It's so hard to talk to everyone, but one of the great things about these events is that I get to "target" who I want to visit with next time. So prepare yourself (no pressure).


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