Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Even with the worst head cold in history...

This shit is funny.

If Chris Packham's Farmer Bob isn't on your daily reading list yet, it should be (unless your one of those stuck up, prissy, no-sense of humor people (some people think they have a sense of humor, but they don't all.)).

Anyway, Packham checks in today with the latest installment of the awesome The Cup and Saucer Action News series. Today's episode "Sexxxy"
Dialling her accountant’s office, she said, “I dunno. Listen, Ira has a temp working at his reception desk this week.” Adopting a confidential whisper, she added, “She’s the stupidest person I’ve ever –” She stopped and looked me up and down. “Well. She’s plenty stupid, believe you me… Wendy! Hi, how are you? This is Jill at the Cup and Saucer. Is Ira there? Oh, he’s having lunch. Do you have his cell phone number? Great. Let me just write that down. Oops! Wendy, I’m all out of blank paper. Do you think you could fax me a blank piece of paper?” She gave me an unnecessarily exaggerated conspiratorial wink. “That way, I can write down Ira’s cell phone number. Great. I’ll call you back as soon as it gets here.” She hung up and looked at the fax machine.
Seriously, go read his stuff. It could be the NyQuil/Sudafed coctail (I call it NyQuaFed) talking, but I laughed so hard great big globs of sticky yellow snot sprayed out of my nose.

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  1. Too much. You are a bro among brosephs.


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