Thursday, July 06, 2006

Is there anybody in there?

Hello? Echo? Is anybody left around here?

After a brief blogging hiatus for some vacation travel and work recovery, I wanted to click out a quick post to pimp the next edition of the Kansas Guild of Bloggers Carnival.

As you know, Joel Matthis at Cup O' Joel hosted last Monday's KGB Carnival, and in my humble opinion, he did one hell of a good job. Let's all give him a round of applause...

Everyone go over to Joe's and leave a comment. He deserves it.

Now, on to the next big announcement. Next week's edition of the carnival will be hosted by John B. at BlogMeridian. John is a regular contributor to the KGB, and one of the few KGB bloggers who isn't from Northeast Kansas.

So let's help John have a great carnival. Remember to submit your favorite blog posts from this week to John. You can use this handy submit link, which makes everything easier on the host.

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