Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wade in the water, children

I took my daughter to Kansas City's largest public bidet on Saturday.

My Supermodel Wife was on a shopping junket in preparation of her sister's wedding later this month, so I had the pleasure of entertaining our 3-year-old for the day.

This tough assignment was made even tougher when I was told to get scarce from our house for the afternoon as prospective buyers come to tour (we put our house on the market a couple of weeks ago. Anyone interested in a charming ranch home in this attractive neighborhood can let me know in the comments).

Anyway, since it was a tad on the warm side, I thought our daughter might enjoy playing in the Crown Center Square fountain for a while.

I always think it's funny to watch kids play in this fountain, especially when they sit on the jets that are blowing water 25 feet into the air. Talk about a high colonic.

But still, this is a great public area and a tremendous free public asset (pun intended).

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