Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's so humid...

Taking a cue from Tony today, we're trying to express how hot, humid and oppressive it is these days.

For one thing, it's too humid to think of a clever blog post. So this is the easy way out. Here goes...
  • It's so humid kids are going into Crown Center Plaza fountain to dry off.
  • It's so humid I just went outside for a drink of fresh air.
  • It's so humid even the ducks at Loose Park are sweating.
  • It's so humid the makers deodorants and antiperspirants have seen their stock prices skyrocket.
  • It's so humid even Mark Mangino's butt crack said "Damn, it's humid!"
  • It's so humid Salvadore Dali is now considered a realist, not a surrealist.
I know, they're all quite lame. Let's see you try to do better in this heat.

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  1. O.k I will play along. Its so humid that breathing is like inhailing mashed potatoes. I'm sorry that sucks. Please for give me.


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