Wednesday, October 10, 2007

3 A.M. Poll: Parts is parts

As humans have evolved (if you believe in such things), we've retained certain evolutionary throwbacks that seem to serve no useful purpose.

The appendix, for example, or the fifth toe, or Larry Moore.

So, what is your favorite useless body part?

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  1. I have nipples, emaw. Can you milk me?

  2. Chimpo, You can milk any thing with nipples.

    I know what the fifth toe is and the male nipples are. But I have no idea what that other stuff is, nor can I pronounce them. They must be "woman parts". So that makes them all useless.

  3. *gasp!* D! Take it back!

    Because, as a woman, the only useless body "part" I can say we have for sure is hair anywhere other than on our heads. Why the HELL do we have to have it in our pits, on our legs, on our FACE, and in our girlie places? What the fuck is that all about? Evolution needs to catch the hell up, is all I'm sayin'...

  4.'s NOT the beautiful pyramidalis! no massage of the female form is complete without some attention to that little baby...

  5. Well I dunno THe D, but one of y'all voted for vomeronasal organ which, I mean, that's okay and all but, eeeewww!

  6. I like the way shicho thinks.

  7. Kristine -

    i'm not sure how the pyramidalis made the list, but it ought to be removed; that little area has lit up more nights than KCP&L ever will...

    ; ' )


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