Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday morning quarterback

Okay. I know that there are certain segments of the readership who are coming here this morning to see me eat some crow.

From the many emails and a few comments I've received, the prevailing wind seems to be that I have some music to face. Well, when there's music to face I face it. If that's the way the wind is blowing, let no one say that I don't blow.

As anyone who cares knows, the KU Jayhawks squeaked by the K-State Wildcats 30-24 on Saturday. Congratulations 'Hawk fans.
As with many K-State fans, I'm suffering a little pain over this one. Though as disappointment in sporting events goes, Saturday's loss is pretty minor. And even though we fans weren't on the field, if you're going to associated yourself with a group, you gotta be there when it all goes to hell.

So here I am. The only things left to do are wait for The D to contribute and Awesome® post to pay off our wager and then start trash talking the Colorado Buffaloes.

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  1. See, the way I look at it is that this is a game we're talking about. And every week can change what's going to happen during said game. USC loses to Stanford? Ok, give me another beer, and then lemme get over it. Because next week they play Arizona. So that's what we're looking at at this point in time.

    But then again, my team only dropped to #10 on the poll, and #7 on the other 2. Yours dropped OFF the top 25, and the opponent jumped on the list, and to a relatively high spot at that!

    So maybe you're hurtin' a bit more than me today, I dunno.

    (Plus, we're looking for Stanford to maybe help my dad get new lungs, so I can't hate on 'em too much, you know?)

    I'm not one who wants to watch someone eat crow. (Unless they're a Texas or LSU fan.) It's a game. You never know what's gonna happen from week to week (unless you're a Patriot fan), and that's what keeps it exciting, dammit.

  2. I wore my purple out to the bars later Saturday night to watch the MU/UofN game. Although, I did make sure to put my KSU flag away so no one would egg the house while I was gone.

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  4. (That first comment was all mucked up)

    I'm not one to kick a man when he's down. But I will bask in all the glory that is KU! But I will say it's gonna take me some time to write 3 different post with 3 different topics.


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