Monday, December 03, 2007


My freakin' feet are freezing!

They've been cold since I got out of the shower and I haven't been able to get them warmed up all day.

It's weird because I've been pretty comfortable from the ankles up. I've even had my shirtsleeves rolled up all afternoon.

But my toes are like icicles. Something tells me they're going to be cold until I crawl into bed tonight and put them between my supermodel wife's knees.

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  1. It's the price you pay for the extra lift you get from the open-toed pumps.

  2. I'm sure she won't be amused!

  3. When I saw the title of the post, it made me think you might be comparing your feet to another part of your anatomy. But then it really makes your last sentence pretty weird.

  4. you should ask Gloria and see how she keeps her feet warm.

  5. you are a lucky man: my supermodel wife's feet are ALWAY icicles this time of the year and her favorite spot to snuggle them is at the slight bow at the bottom of my back, preferably under my tshirt.

    it must be a genetic thing 'cause the 4 year old has the same condition and the same solution: the ladies giggle whilst their cold feet shove wildly around the the available real estate, ...

    don't know about the 2 year old yet. however, given the way she snuggles her little fists and feet right into my stomache while snoozing, i'm guessing I hit the trifecta!


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