Monday, December 31, 2007

The resolution will be televised

To bring in the new year and to honor Samuel L. Jackson, here are my resolutions for 2008.

Now, I know you might find it shocking that someone as cool and together as myself has New Year's resolutions, but believe it or not, there are things that even EmawKC can improve upon. Forthwith - if I could have a little music, please...

At the top of my list: "Continue to kick ass"

And then I hope to "Be as bad as I know I can be."

Also, to "Really put it out there, and by it I mean EmawKC's mojo."

In addition, I plan to "Give it as good as I get it," "Be all that and more" and "Lose my shyness, vis a vis the rocket in my pocket."

Plus, I plan to "Work my voodoo on the lady fans," "Take a thorn out of some cat's paw" and "Build a shrine to my own bad ass."

Then it's time to "Give the demons what for," "Spare the rod and spoil the face" and "Continue to kick ass."

After which, I'll "Show the bad men what it's all about," "Release a dove from a ghetto rooftop" and "Cradle a newborn baby in the ruins of a church."

Finally, this year, I will "Stick it to all the suckas" and I'm gonna "Show the man that I mean business"

..and I'm gonna "Take a computer class."

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  1. Each one of those sounds like a title in the "Urban Self-Help Library."

    Happy New Year.

  2. You also need to get all these snakes off your blog.

    P.S. Watch out for bionic sharks

  3. Um, can you do me a favor and give me a call before you do that releasing the dove thing? Hell if I don't wanna be there to see THAT!

  4. You forgot to mention that it's "Your duty to continue to please that booty" (no homo)

  5. You forgot "Just Beat It."

    Oh, wait - that's Michael Jackson. My bad. (Hee-hee)

  6. "Lose my shyness, vis a vis the rocket in my pocket."

    Bottle rocket?

    Why weren't you at the blogger gathering?

  7. d00d -

    lose you English over the new year?

    ; ' )

    that's okay - those sotr of stale adages will serve you well should you travel to China...

  8. The Pitch spotted this treat. It has Emaw written all over it.

  9. Very good start! Happy New Year!


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