Tuesday, May 06, 2008

YouTube Tuesday: Oh boy, the show on next is Barnaby Jones

Remember back in the day when the first CSI teevee series came out?

I'm not talking about CSI: New York, or CSI: Miami, or even CSI. I'm not even referring to Medical Investigation or Crossing Jordan or House.

The first time these shows were on teevee, it was called Quincy (or Quincy, M.E. for you purists) and Jack Klugman had more acting chops in his receding hairline than David Caruso has in his entire pint-sized, dramatic-sunglasses-taking-off body.

Take a trip with me now down amnesia lane to those golden days of yesteryear when television shows had cool theme songs.

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  1. That made me laugh so hard last week when I saw it. I kept getting caught laughing for no reason when I was walking the halls at work.


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