Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Blogthing: Harry Potter and the Half Lame Quiz

I'm probably the only person in the literate world that hasn't read a single word from a single Harry Potter book.

That doesn't make me special or anything. Maybe I just don't know what I'm missing. But after seeing some of the movies (I can't remember which ones, they're all the same to me), I just can't see myself investing the time needed to slog through the printed version.

But, in lieu of going to see the latest HP movie (I think it's called "Harry Potter and the Clever Marketing Campaign") I'm doing this lame-ass quiz.

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?
Harry You're a leader and a good friend. You have a tumultuous past, but that doesn't get in the way of your impressive future.
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  1. Never read a word of Harry Potter either. That's practically illegal for librarians.

  2. Harry Potter's popularity is no surprise considering we live in a nation where 75% of Republicans would still vote for Sara Palin even after she bailed on Alaska, sold-out for a book deal, and proved unable to match wits with her 18 year old, hockey playing son-in law out in Alaska. A generation of kidults. Overgrown infants who read books on hobbits and wizardry and watch superhero movies as their nation carpet bombs Third world countries. Stay insulated inside your bubble America--its working wonders for you!

  3. You get no argument from me on this, Lodo. It's just more evidence that our culture is quickly going down the toilette. We live in a country where a known sex offender is given a hero's funeral while our government mortgages the futures of generations to come so that the "kidults" alive today don't have to deal with the consequences of putting blind trust in their hedge-fund managers while they smoke and eat their way to an early medicaid claim.


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