Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In my head

This post probably falls into that "random thoughts" category that you see so much of when people are feeling particularly uninspired.

Except, this is probably a step lower than that, since these random strains of non-contemporaneous stream of conscientiousness aren't really meant to be cohesive thoughts as such, just a snapshot of the words that happen to have bounced around my gray matter at various moments in the past couple of weeks.

Anyway, submitted for your ennui:
  • Damn, it must be time to get out a new razor blade. It feels like I'm shaving with a rusty Ginsu knife! Shit! I just cut my upper-lip mole. That's going to bleed like crazy.

  • Oh c'mon lady! Who writes out a check these days! We're living in the future now! Fer cryin' gyahhhh!

  • Where the heck is everyone, it's only 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Did I miss the "take the day off early" memo?

  • Ooookay, by the looks of these urinals I guess housekeeping took the day off.

  • It was nice to sleep in. But wait a minute. If you get up at 3:30 in the morning then go back to sleep at 5, then get back up at 6 then go to sleep at 7 and sleep until 9:30... is that really sleeping in? or does it count as an early morning nap?

  • That Peter Sarsgaard is really coming off like a pretentious douche (I was watching him on Conan at the time -- Edit.). "Oh, I live in England and I got married in Puglia and had my honey moon on the Amalfi Coast and I'm soooo much better than everyone." Just take it easy man. We're both from the same side of the tracks here. Orphan is just another lame horror flick. It's not the second coming of Citizen Kane.

  • What the...?! Who the...?! What are you talking about?!

  • I wonder who decided that an ellipsis is three dots and not, say, two or four.

  • Peter Sarsgaard's name is fun to say in a pirate accent. "SAAARSGAAAAHHHHHRRRD!!!"

  • I need to stop intentionally mispronouncing the word nuclear just for laughs. It's getting a little too easy.

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  1. I wonder who decided that an ellipsis is three dots and not, say, two or four.

    That would be me . . . I decided.



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