Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Blogthing: The Humans Are Dead

One of the things that takes the sting out of the cultural toilet flush we find ourselves in is the knowledge that before we have a chance to self destruct in an orgy of welfare, entitlements and celebrity worship, we will be destroyed by our own robotic creations.

Of course, they'll keep some of us around to perform basic cleaning and maintenance. I for one welcome our new robotic overlords. Consider this my job application.

Electronic Mechanical Assassination and Worldwide Killing Construct

Get Your Cyborg Name

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  1. Honest to goodness, I had not seen this post prior to writing mine this morning. Hahahaha!

    And I'm so glad we can remain as friends. Phew!

  2. I agree, FOTC totally rock. I'm proud to say they first debuted on 3 a.m. way back in the summer of 2006. It's worth checking out.


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