Tuesday, July 14, 2009

YouTube Tuesday: Goldman-Suchs

So Goldman Sachs posted their earnings report this morning.

Thanks to you and the money that was contributed on your behalf by our government in the form of TARP and other bailouts, Goldman-Sachs posted a profit of $3.44 billion (beating analysts forecasts by nearly a billion and a half dinero).

So good job America, we've saved the company that destroyed our financial system.

To commemorate the occasion, here's part of an interview with Matt Taibbi (we've mentioned him before) one of the last journalists with any testicular fortitude. Here he discusses in part how ingrained Goldman-Sachs is in the running of our country (and other countries) with operatives placed high up in the Obama, Bush and Clinton administrations.

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  1. Seriously? If they had failed then "the bailout strategy" would have failed... now they actually do what was intended to happen and its still a bad thing? Where is this logic coming from?

  2. I agree with you Logtar. Where is the logic coming from. Companies like Goldman-Sachs have no incentive to change their behavior if there is no consequence to them screwing the country out of billions.


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