Friday, March 03, 2006

Bully pulpit

The Lawrence Journal World reported recently on the Kansas House of Reps House Concurrent Resolution 5035 -- termed by backers the "Academic Bill of Rights".

According to the LJW:
The resolution is the brainchild of author and commentator David Horowitz, an outspoken critic of what he says are liberal biases on campuses.

The measure's sponsor in Kansas is Rep. Becky Hutchins, R-Holton, who said it was taken from "model legislation" provided by the American Legislative Exchange Council, which espouses "free markets, limited government, federalism and individual liberty."
There is an obvious link to the Paul Mirecki boondoggle, when he basically told students his religious studies class would be a "nice slap" in the "big fat face" of fundamentalists.

Now, I have some experience with professors who bully their students, though I was wise enough as a graduating high school senior to stay away from KU.

My experience was with a philosophy professor who was also a militant feminist. One day in class we were discussing a philosophical hypothetical when I mentioned a possible course of action for the "lady" in question.

I was immediately chided for using the term "lady," so I changed it to "girl." That too was the wrong answer. Embarrassed at being called out, I wrongly tried to score some points with the class by tossing out the words "dame," "skirt," "doll face," "gal," and "broad" before I was forcefully corrected as the professor wrote "womyn" on the chalk board.

I smirked derisively.

Now, I admit I took it a little too far, but it was all in pursuit of academic enlightenment (and the laugh I got from others in the class). But at the end of the semester, the professor told me pointe blanc that she dropped me from the 95 precent grade that I had earned to an 85 percent based on that incident.

Now, having related that anecdote, I still think House Concurrent Resolution 5035 is a bad idea. The realm of academics should be policed by other academicians.

The best defense against academic bullies is openness and ridicule. Paul Mirecki's loss of status and academic credibility shows this. As with most things, the government should butt out.
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  1. I hate that crap! Greay comments BTW...dame, gal, broad ect...that's great...I think i would have done the same thing...but it does suck when the stupid SOB is holding something such as a grade above your's happened to me too...mainly b/c I am short and cute (don't get me wrong, I am not all that but I am sure as hell not the ugliest duckling in the pond either) ...and nursing instructors are 6 foot 2 and 400 lbs....little did they know I am a pitbull as well....LMAO.....and sly as a fox...and I've been working around their kind for years...and I knew my shit as well...Nice try BIOTCHES!

  2. Great, I meant to type***

  3. Ask yourself this, Grasshopper: Why does a Professor become a Professor?

    Answer: Because they prefer to bitch and whine about how things SHOULD be (for far less pay) instead of having the cajones to get out there, get a real JOB (for more pay) and fight the good fight and make a difference.


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