Monday, March 27, 2006

Need help from KC bloggers

Sunday, my Supermodel Wife threatened to kick me to the curb.

This is a concern on several levels, not the least important of which is that at my age/weight/hairline, it might be next to impossible to find another Supermodel Wife. Also, I've grown quite fond of my wife over the last 15 years.

The issue is an old computer and monitor I've got boxed up in the basement. The computer is in perfect working condition, even packed in its original packaging. Of course, I bought it back in 1997 so the phrase "perfect working condition" doesn't necessarily translate to spectacular performance - even though I added a processor and graphics card upgrades.

That said, I just can't bring myself to send it to the landfill (what with me being a militant environmentalist wacko and all). I've been trying to find a place to take it and donate it to a charity. Maybe a church or Big Brothers or a similar organization that doesn't need a ton of processing powers. And actually, the 15-inch color monitor is still in great shape and would work with any computer really.

So, I'm asking my readers (all three of you) for some help. Please spread the word in the KC bloggosphere. Help me get the word out that this computer is available. It comes with lots of free software (Photoshop, Freehand, Word, Excel, System Software upgrades, etc.)

I'm willing to deliver, and I prefer a tax-exempt 501(3)(c) organization but at this point, I'm not being choosy.

The computer is a Mac-compatible PowerComputing Powerbase model. Here are some specs. The only differences are that, as I mentioned, it has an upgraded G3 process or and VooDoo3 graphics card.

So c'mon KC bloggers, I'm counting on your help. My marriage to a Supermodel is at stake. I know you won't let me down.

(If you have a suggestion for who I can give this to, please leave a comment or drop me an email. I'm serious about this!)

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  1. Goodwill Charities, Catholic Charities, any poverty stricken area that has a pre-school or children's center would take it but if you want a reciept to be able to write it off at tax time then go with Goodwill or something. I donate to Goodwill a million times a year....depends on how many spring cleaning rampages I have throughout the thing I can tell you is: when you do donate it, figure out a fair market value and right it on the reciept for your records so at tax time you won't have to think about it. I donate so much to Goodwill, I finally got it through my head this year to take an inventory of what I give b/c it is worth alot at tax time...I end up giving alot of new stuff still in the's stuff the kids get but never used or opened and it gets forgetten and I end up giving alot of old, stuff that has been used once and never touched adds if you ever end up giving alot, take an inventory and get a value for it now, so at tax time all you have to do is add it up...I have to be that way though, b/c I take about 3 to 6 truck loads a year to sense in throwing it away if you can help someone....

  2. Lug that cpu to the Surplus Exchange - they're in the west bottoms. They can take computers, monitors, printers - almost anything electronic. Some items, like printers have a small associated fee, but computers and working monitors SVGA and better are free drop-offs. You still get your tax deduction for market value, and the Exchange either finds it a new home, or recycles.

  3. I agree with Surplus Exchange, because they know computers. The problem with most of the thrift stores is that they will just stick it on a shelf with "$10" scrawled in grease pen across the screen.

    I'm putting a notice about this on my blog, so my three readers may come up with an idea, too.


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