Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'll see your Super Bowl and raise you an All-Star Game

Backers of the billion dollar boondoggle that is the proposed Rolling Roof addition to the Truman Sports complex have sweetened the pot for Jackson County suckers, er.. voters.

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig promised Kansas City that the Royals can host the All-Star Game sometime between 2010 and 2014. Of course, the promise came with a proviso, a quid pro quo with which Jackson County voters are already familiar.

According to the "honor" is contingent on the successful ballot measure to approve nearly a billion dollars in improvements for the sports complex.
"Major League Baseball is excited about the opportunity to bring an All-Star Game back to Kansas City," said commissioner Bud Selig in making the announcement. "Kauffman Stadium's construction played a key role in the transformation of modern-day ballparks. With the approval of the proposed renovations, this historic venue will once again be transformed into one of the crown jewels of Major League Baseball."
The same deal applies to the hypothetical Super Bowl that was promised after the stadium tax is approved.

Selig claims that the All-Star Game will bring $50-55 million in revenue to Kansas City as it did for Detroit in 2005. That's an investment of nearly $1Billion for a return of $50 Million.

But given the math skills demonstrated by Jackson County officials in negotiating leases for the sports complex over the past few years, I can totally see this making sense to them.

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  1. Just a question...have you become a news caster..or are you aspiring???? Just wondering...or is this related to blog value or true interest?

  2. echele, thanks for the comment. I am keenly interested in this issue, as is pretty much everyone else in the KC metro area. The Chiefs and Royals have pretty much said they're leaving town if they don't get approval and $$$ to build this monstrosity.

    The problem is that Kansas City can't afford to make another huge mistake when it comes to the sports franchises. And, it can't afford 1Billion dollars to rennovate the stadia. Fore that kind of money, they could build two brand new stadiums.

    This decision is being driven by something other than what is best for the city. I don't know whether it ego or what. I suspect there are contractors with close ties to the Hunts and Glasses (respective owners of Chiefs and Royals) that would see significant financial gain if this thing goes through.

    The fact that we keep getting nebulous promises like Super Bowls and All Star Games to go with the threat of "we're leaving town" just smacks of bully tactics that have no place in this kind of decision.

  3. BTW-- How's that new business venture of yours coming along?

  4. Just when I commented and hit enter it errored and wiped me out!

    Blogger does it again!


    Sounds alittle like Philly. They wanted to demolish China Town and build a huge stadium complex for the Eagles and the Phillies. Didn't happen but they got their new stadiums and they are quite nice but now season tickets are so high the majority of buyers are corporations so games aren't really like they used to be...prices didn't go over too well with Philly fans...

    My comment wasn't just for this post but for all of your posts. I can't keep up with anything let alone the tri-state area I live in, hell, I can't even keep up with the Metro Paper providing short and sweet blurbs on things...I wish I could be so open and worldly but I guess my focus is elsewhere...I catch things here and there but not enough to have any sort of meaningful opinion...

    My venture(s) are good. Looking at EIN and when would be a good time to get one, Trademark and I am ready to contact a manufacturer...that's my main thing so that's my focus...the rest will come when I have time to devote to them...I know curiosity kills the cat so I just want to let you know that this venture of mine is nothing more than me wanting to do this for me...not for dreams of being a millionaire. Just b/c I think it would be cool to trademark something I like and have a few things made and if I can make a few bucks doing it then all is good...but I would like to make enough to support some type of eduaction and charity so I have a vision as if I could use it for some good then it will be even better.

    If blogger screws me on this post, I am going to be pissed...


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