Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More strong-arm tactics

If I were a Jackson County resident, the second thing I would do is move to Johnson County.

The first thing I would do is vote no on the Billion Dollar Rolling Roof Boondoggle. Forget about whether the people can afford it, forget about investment and economic development. What really pisses me off (and I don't even live there), is this continued patronizing tone from the so-called leaders of the community.

First comes the stick: "Give us $1billion or we're taking the Chiefs and Royals away."

Then the carrots: "Give us $1billion and you can have a Super Bowl and a All-Star Game."

Today we hear the ultimate insult: "Give us $1 billion and you can host the Final Four."

No, correct me if I'm wrong, but the Final Four of the NCAA Basketball tournament is a basketball game. So, Kay Barnes, would the basketball game be played in the baseball stadium or the football stadium.

It seems to me the basketball game would be played in the soon-to-be new Sprint Center, which is designed for basketball games. But I guess the only team playing there will be the BSU Red Herrings.

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  1. Final Fours tend to get played in venues more like Arrowhead than the Sprint Center. The RCA Dome is a football stadium. Your righteous indignation is misplaced this time, I'm afraid.

    That's not to say your position on the stadium is wrong.

  2. Sprint Center will only have 18,000 seats, and the NCAA now requires at least 30,000 for a Final Four.

    Oh, and forget Johnson County, it's sooo 1995. If you're gonna move to the suburbs you have to north now. The Northland is the new Joco. You can get the same McMansion for 30% less, plus better schools, less traffic, lower taxes, and less attitude.

  3. We've got a similar bag of feces accumulating here....the city bought out (eminent domain) a liquor store in downtown Fort Wayne for just less than $3 million. Then, they try to force-feed us some goat-fuck of a plan to build a new minor-leage baseball park even though our current park is only 10 or 11 years old. HORSESHIT!
    Wipe the defecation off the windshield and check out the truth: The COUNTY owns the current stadium, and therefore benefits from the revenues of games, vending, parking etc. The City gets JACK SHIT out of the deal. Hence, the city wigs decided it's time to strongarm the community into building a NEW stadium, just to piss in the face of the bigger and more powerful county government. Follow the money....


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