Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Blogthing: Edumacation

Today's blogthing comes from my favorite Aussie, Blandwagon, who tipped me to this cute little web widget which purports to show the education level of your blog.

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While I'm happy to see that this blog is published at a college level (which is why I have to use words like 'purports' and also why I totally pwnd Joel Mathis in Scrabulous), this reminds me that I might be speaking waaaaay over the the heads of you products of the Missouri school system.

So, for those of you on the east side of the state line, I'll try to start using smaller words.

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  1. sooooo owned soooo quick.

    ; ' )

  2. I was really hoping to get Junior College Graduate or GED, but got stuck with College. There’s only one explanation. Not enough fast food pizza posts.

  3. You might use big words, but at least you type slow enough for us who can't read so fast.

  4. I know this is shocking on a biblical scale but I scored High School. Obviously they don't check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

    I wonder what Tony score is...HAHAHAHA he's elementary must be that kick ass Miege education.

  5. What's really going to blow your mind is when you check out XO's rating.

  6. It's unfortunately true. Emaw owned me in our scrabulous game. I'm glad to see he's above gloating, the bastard.

  7. I'm picturing all the MU grads trying to read this post, then giving up in frustration. "'Purports?' What the--? Oh, forget it!"


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