Tuesday, November 20, 2007

YouTube Tuesday: Know your place

As I arrived at my palatial upper-west side cube this morning, the two businesswomen who occupy neighboring cubes were discussing the upcoming MU-KU football tilt this weekend*.

It wasn't enough that I had to suffer through the over-coverage of this event on all the local so-called news channels, now I have to deal with this inanity at work, from the ladies no less.

So, in another public service announcement, this one goes out to the women out there who would be better off discussing fuzzy kittens...

*Yes, as a K-State fan I do have sour grapes about how this football season has turned out and all the hype around this game in particular makes me feel like the only kid NOT invited to the party. It's petty and immature I know, but then so is college football in general.

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  1. HILARIOUS! But I don't agree with the fact that education for a woman is a bad thing, Smart women are sexy.

    But then again I'm single and I have to say things like that.

  2. If men really find smart women sexy, why is there a "Perfect 10" magazine but not a "Perfect SAT Scores" mag, huh? And why aren't Hillary Clinton, Madeline Albright, and Janet Reno sex symbols? (Insert shudder here.)

    That video is hilarious - if I had seen that as a high school student I wouldn't have embarked on the folly of 9 years of post-secondary education. If I have girls I'm running this on a constant loop in their bedrooms from the time they are babies.

  3. "...from the ladies no less."

    I'm trying to ignore that, but we'll have to see how well I do as the day progresses.

    At least it'll all be over in 5 days. And then there'll be a quick discussion or two regarding Reesing's chances for a Heisman, and how KU will do against LSU in the champ bowl and all, and then it'll be done.

    Unlike those fucking Garmin commercials that haunt my t.v. every night for the next month and a half. Stupid woman with a unibrow...

  4. Cara, who said those women were smart?

  5. Fear not. I herewith grant you honorary "Mizzou Alum" status for Saturday. Plenty of room on this bandwagon.



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