Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bastille Day

I'm a day late with this, so sorry (like you care).

A long-time reader reminded me in an email that yesterday was Bastille Day. So happy prison breaking to all you French people out there.

Also that it was the blogiversary of this blog -- 4 years. I usually don't like to write (or read) blogs about blogging. It's all a bunch of self-referential bunk anyway, tales told by idiots and signifying nothing. So I'll keep this short.

Four years, roughly 1,100 posts, about 1,200 spelling and grammatical errors, lots of friends, acquaintances and comments.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Sorry you had to suffer through some of this dreck.

And now, do commemorate the occasion...

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  1. Happy, Happy Anniversary and Viva la France! (Is that right? I don't care...) Keep up that fabulous blogging!

  2. Viva la whatever it is you want to celebrate! :) gratz

  3. 4 years! congrats, I mostly read this in case I am invited to play badminton, so I don't miss the invitation

  4. Congrats and keep at it!



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