Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mecca hiney ho

JD is still on a blog posting hiatus, but that doesn't mean he's not being vigilant in his quest to guard against global nattering nabobs of idiocracy.

So he sent me a link to this story (via Hotair), which outlines the "push" by a British prison to "move" the jail's toilets to ac-commode-ate Muslim prisoners who raised a stink because they didn't want to risk facing Mecca when they're doing their business.

In his email, JD pointed out that
When we realize that we can draw a great circle around the earth through our toilets and Mecca, we'll realize that in some geometric sense, all our toilets face Mecca, and then we'll all have to strap Semtex to ourselves and blow up a pizza shop. Or maybe an Einstein's bagel shop. Those guys looking through the bagels have awfully big noses.
Good point, JD. Science tends to get in the way or religious ritual sometimes.

Come to think of it (speaking of Einstein), since all matter/energy once occupied the same coordinates in space-time, and since all things are connected on a quantum level, when Ahmed is dropping a deuce, he's actually taking a dump on Mecca. And the very matter that is being "evacuated" is the very matter used to produce all of the Korans in existence (and even existence itself is an illusion, I mean c'mon, who are we kidding here).

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