Sunday, January 07, 2007

Okie City Penguins?

I've been following the story line of the Pittsburgh Penguins' search for a new arena over the last few weeks.

Sure, they'll probably never materialize in KC, but it's still much more interesting than following the inept Chiefs.

Anyway, for you other five people in Kansas who are interested in NHL hockey, I thought I'd pass along this story Pittsburgh Tribune-Review breaking the news that Oklahoma City is considering offering a competing bid for the Penguins.
Oklahoma City is considering extending an invitation to the Penguins to visit the Ford Center this week.

Bob Funk, founder and CEO of Express Services Inc. and owner of the minor-league Oklahoma City Blazers hockey club, told The Oklahoman on Saturday, "We have always had an interest in the NHL ... I think the NHL has a good future."

Funk and Brad Lund, CEO of Funk's Express Sports, met with Oklahoma City leaders Thursday and tabled for the weekend a plan to invite the Penguins, the newspaper reported.

"It's Pittsburgh's team to lose, and Kansas City is well ahead of us," Lund said.
Not sure what kind of offer the Okies could make to the Penguins organization. If the funding of professional athletes at the University of Oklahoma is any indication, laws and common decency get about as much regard in OKC as they do in KCMO.

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  1. OKC's dowtown is pretty nice. There's the new arena, a Westport-type district called Bricktown, a pretty riverwalk a la San Antonio, and an impressive botanical garden.

  2. Honestly, OKC can do whatever they want but they're still a much smaller city than KC. They've never held ANY professional sport. That would be a HUGE gamble for the Penguins...h

  3. Actually, they hosted the Hornet NBA franchise for the last year or so after Katrina rolled through. They managed to sell out just about every game a the Ford Convention Center. I spend on average about 2-3 months a year in that town. And HIB is right. Bicktown is a nice area now. An example of funding done right.

  4. There's a person in this world named 'Bob Funk'?

    I would give anything, and I mean anything, to be called Bob Funk. Every day would be like a scene from a blaxploitation movie. "Hey baby, I'm Bob Funk. Let's go back to my place, put some Barry White on the hi-fi, and get Funky. Oh yeah...."

  5. I know what you mean, Bland. Luckily for me, Funky is my middle name.


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