Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Memo RE: The coffee machine

TO: Coworkers on my floor
FROM: emawkc
RE: The Coffee Machine

Dear coworkers,
This memo is to remind you of how easy it is to start a new pot of coffee in the break room.

I understand that some of you have an inferior education, that remedial skills in following simple instruction weren't required to get a diploma from the University of Kansas.

But common decency and regard for the caffeine addictions of your coworkers demands that you learn the basic steps for starting a new pot of coffee after you take the last cup.

So let me explain:
  • Step one - open a new pre-measured packet of coffee and pour it into the filter
  • Step two - put the filter (with coffee therein) into the coffee machine between the place where the water comes out and the thing that the coffee goes into
  • Step three - press the "start" button
  • Step four - Put your tongue back in your mouth you drooling idiot!
Sorry if this memo is a little harsh, I'll be in better humor after I've had my coffee.

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  1. co workers are so damn lzy. trusst me i know

  2. Emaw, Where the fuck are the coffee filters??

  3. Godammit The D, you know where they are! They're right on top of the godamm coffee machine!


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