Tuesday, April 03, 2007

YouTube Tuesday: I can't believe the news today

A few weeks ago I linked to a movie/pop song mashup that I called Once Upon a Time in a Cage.

I posed the question about how much mashups (taking two or more works of art and melding them together in a new product) could actually be called art. Thanks to John B at Blog Meridian, the post and the video received some significant discussion at Clusterflock.

Fast forward two weeks to when I stumbled upon today's YouTube Tuesday submission. Judging from the number of views on YouTube, this one has been around for a while and probably you already have seen it, but this is a great example of taking existing video, chopping it up and re-editing it to form a completely new original piece.


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  1. That's good! But I know how long it takes me to craft a simple blog post to my satisfaction. I look at something like that and I can't even comprehend how much time and effort it must take.

    Good God.


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