Tuesday, April 10, 2007

YouTube Tuesday: I feel like singing a Beatnik poem

As Dan recently noted at Gone Mild, April is National Poetry Month.

We've featured poetry on YouTube Tuesday before, so this isn't unprecedented. Unfortunately, the poetry pickings on YouTube are kind of slim. There are a couple of good Khalil Gibran joints, lots of poetry of the Def variety, but a lot of it is tough to get through.

But just because poetry is bad, doesn't mean it can't be entertaining. Take this YouTube Tuesday submission for example. This clip, from the 1958 teen B movie High School Confidential, features Phillipa Fallon as a beat poetess. And yes, you're right. That is Jackie Coogan on piano behind her (you may remember him as Uncle Fester).

"Turn your eyes inside and dig the vacuum. Tomorrow... drag."

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  1. Did you notice Charles Chaplin Junior as the waiter? He looks so much like his dad there. And Michael Landon lighting up a smoke in the audience.

  2. Christina,
    Thanks for eyeballin' those cats. Glad to see you got your boots on. Nice to have a hep chick like you around here instead of the cast of usual Clydes. Feel free to jump back in port anytime.


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