Friday, January 04, 2008

A salute to KU and Mark Mangino

3AM presents Real Men of Genius
(Real Men of Genius)
Today we salute you...
Mr. Grossly Overweight Football Coach
(Mr. Grossly Overweight Football Coach)

Some men follow the rules,
Some men follow their hearts,
But you follow your stomach
(Please pass me another gallon of gravy!)

Though some may doubt you,
And some may deride you,
You've stayed true to your quest through all of the heartache and heartburn
(I think I need some more Rolaids)

You know that winning is not just about brute force,
But also about scheduling weaker competition
And paying off bowl officials
(Have another bundle of cash)

And while some are content to stay on the sidelines following the rules,
You know that NCAA rules were meant to be broken
And that a slap on the wrist is worth a brazillion dollar bowl payout
(Find another coed to take my players' tests)

So knock back another pail of pancake batter, oh six-chinned coach of the year,
Because even though you have to ride in the freight section on the flight home, you're keeping cheating and corruption at the core of big-time college sports
(Don't spend your entire $50,000 bonus at Sizzler...)

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  1. You are officially amazing.

  2. You K-Staters are such sore LOSERS!

    Are you mad that KU won, or that KSU didn't make a bowl, or are you still mad that KU WHIPPED KSU? GET OVER IT!! It's going to happen for YEARS to come!

    And when KSU gets the post season DEATH penalty, later this month, for violations in the recruiting of Mike Beasley I don't want to hear any complaining.

  3. *sniff* That was beautiful, man.

  4. Jayhawks played well in 1 game this year....last week. I am interested in seeing how well they perform next year when they get the real Big 12 south.


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